AT&T has a bunch of Samsung wireless accessories on sale right now at 25% off. One of those products happens to be those fancy-schmancy Galaxy Buds we liked so much, now back at their lowest price to date.

You might recall that AT&T had sold the Galaxy Buds at $97.49 earlier this month, but that offer was short-lived. Since then, there hadn't been much movement off of the original $129.99 MSRP, so we're very happy to see a similar discount return.

The carrier didn't make it easy for us at first to get the wireless earbuds at their all-time lowest price, as we had trouble accessing the deal last night — customer service even had to be called in. But if you go to add a pair of Buds to your cart today, you should be able to see that reduced price when checking out.

While the return of that Galaxy Buds deal is what caught our eye, we decided to check on the other Samsung wireless accessories that are also on sale for 25% off through April 11. A couple of those offers stand out, but others aren't nearly as attractive.

It starts out well enough with the noise-cancelling, over-ear AKG N700NC headphones. They can be found elsewhere for $320, but they're currently $262.46 here.

But then we have the AKG Y100 neckband earbuds, down to $74.96, and we would say that it'd be a terrific deal because most of the big retailers still have it at MSRP... until we dug around and found a $71.99 price tag from Staples. The Gear VR with Controller for Galaxy Note 8 and older devices is not a good deal at $96.75 when it's on Amazon for $66.81.

That disappointing trend continues with a lot of the charger "deals" available through this promo — you're likely to find better prices elsewhere. But do give these audio discounts some consideration — and again, you've got until April 11 to take up these offers.

If this deal becomes unavailable online, check in-store availability. The discount will still apply if you're purchasing on April 11 or earlier.

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