Smart lights are so convenient: They can obey your voice commands, be programmed to turn on or off by themselves, work together with motion detectors to light up when someone's in the room and can create a relaxing atmosphere when coupled with other bulbs. However, the best way to produce a lovely setting with lights is by using colors. I love to use my Hue Iris and Lightstrip to design a dimmed ambiance with shades of blue in my living room when I want to relax. The only drawback with this setup is that the lights are bulky and need to be plugged into a power socket. A simpler solution would be to use the existing bulb outlets to house color-emitting lights, which tend to be pricier than white ones. Thanks to this markdown, though, you can save $14 on a color-enabled Hue bulb.

Amazon is currently selling the A19 Hue bulb for $36 instead of $50, which is the lowest price it's been since Black Friday 2017. The product is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and even Samsung SmartThings. However, in case this is your first Philips Hue product, you'll need to buy the $50 bridge to operate it, unless you have another Zigbee controller at home such as an Amazon Echo device.

In terms of features, the light can be programmed, dimmed, and, most importantly, deliver up to 16 million tints to create the mood you're looking for. Thanks to the Hue app, you can set it to work with other bulbs and build scenes that match your taste, and even turn the lights off automatically when you're not home, based on your phone's location.

You can grab it now for $36.06 on Amazon, but California residents will have to pay an extra $4 due to local regulations.