Augmented reality lets you display virtual elements on top of what is captured by the camera. These can be navigational arrows to guide you to your destination, fictional characters you interact with as part of a game, and so much more. With Playground, Google designed an app that lets you add various things to the real world such as pets, clouds, and even superheroes, but, sadly, it made it exclusive to Pixel devices. Being very thoughtful, Samsung also wanted its customers to be able to play with AR, so it built an app to let them do just that — well, not really.

Unlike Playground, Picture Link is far less fun and doesn't actually let you add virtual elements anywhere you want. Instead, it asks you to pick a real-life marker that will trigger pre-set media such as text, stickers, videos or audio when it's detected by the camera, as shown above. As you might have guessed, this software is pretty useless and isn't even fun to use. Hopefully, Samsung could be working on improvements to make the app better, and get inspiration from Playground.

Lastly, just like Google, the Korean firm thought its app should be exclusive to its devices. Picture Link will therefore only work Samsung handsets. If you want to try it out (though I'm not sure why you'd want to do that), you can grab it from the Galaxy Store or APKMirror.