The saga of Pocket Casts' controversial v7 update continues, but there's more light at the end of the tunnel... or at least a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. After an update to v7.0.1 that fixed casting issues, made the swipe gesture customizable, and improved episode title layout in filters, a new version is rolling out with a few more features users were clamoring for.

V7.0.2 of Pocket Casts thankfully brings back the wanted multi-select option. You can select as many episodes as you want in a filter or podcast, then either download them, archive, mark as played, add them to your Up Next queue, or tap the overflow button to quickly deselect/select all. Adding to Up Next is also special in that it will happen in the same order you selected the episodes. Neat. This definitely beats performing those actions one by one, which was one of my main gripes with the new UX. I'm still not a fan of the interface, but if the team is sticking to its guns, I guess I better get ready to make the jump on my main phone.

Multi-select in filters and podcasts.

Another addition is the option to sort episodes in a podcast by downloaded, unplayed, or by season. And finally, you can star episodes from Android Auto if you're listening while driving.

Left: Group episodes in a podcast. Right: Episode actions in Android Auto.

Version 7.0.2 of Pocket Casts also fixes many bugs. You can grab it from the Play Store and see if it's better now. Still no custom playlists though.

Thank you for your continued feedback, we are listening! This update restores and improves some of the features from version 6 you told us you were missing:
- Multi-select in filters and podcasts (download, mark played, archive, add to Up Next)
- Sort podcast episodes by downloaded, unplayed or season.
- Star episodes from Android Auto
We've also fixed a bunch of bugs you have all reported including playback stopping and downloads not completing. Thanks for all your reports.

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
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