The IMDb app is one of the first I installed on my Android devices, way back in 2010 on my Galaxy 5 (not S). But over the years, the need for the app has fallen, especially when Google added IMDb scores to its search cards. Now, I just Google the name of a movie or show and open the IMDb site from the results, if needed. But the app's recent search filter addition has made me reconsider installing it and giving it a permanent spot in my app drawer again.

In the latest IMDb v7.8.4 (APK Mirror), there's a new option in search called Find movies & TV Shows. It lets you pick filters and generally search for any movie, series, episode, mini-series, etc... by selecting from a multitude of other criteria. Say you only want French language content, rated 8 and above from more than 10,000 votes, from the 1970s, and in the thriller genre. Select those filters and you'll have Le Cercle Rouge — nothing else fits that selection. The best thing is you didn't need to know or type the title.

Here's a less narrow example with comedy movies from the 2010s in English, rated 7+ with 10,000 votes, and with a duration between one and two hours.

And now one for comedy series in English, also rated 7+ from 10,000 votes, but restricted to the years 2017, 2018, and 2019. It's very simple to find all the cool and good content being released.

I don't stay on top of movie and TV show news anymore — Android news is about as much as I can keep up with — so whenever I want to watch something new and good, I have no idea where to get started. This criteria selection just makes it so much easier to narrow down the options and possibly find a few outliers that Netflix or Trakt's recommendations would have never surfaced.

You can check out the new filters in the latest IMDb update. It's on the Play Store and on APK Mirror.

We've added a new search feature to the app! Tap the search bar and then "Find Movies and TV Shows" to find titles that match your chosen criteria - including genre, IMDb rating, release year, and more. Thanks for using IMDb!