Finding the perfect place to spend your vacation shouldn't be a difficult task, and Google has been making it easier in the last several months. It started with a Maps redesign that made finding Hotels more streamlined, and now Google's expanding those travel listings to include even more vacation rentals from some prominent partner services.

Back in October Google rolled out a full redesign to Google Maps hotel listings for both desktop and mobile. The company has now further fleshed out the app's functionality, with a variety of new vacation rentals for you to check out no matter where in the world your holiday destination finds you.

Google Maps vacation rentals update is shown.

You can view vacation rentals from a variety of different partners, including VRBO, Expedia,, and more. Filters let you fine tune your results for price and amenities, and you're able to view reviews, rates, and vacancies for each property. If you find the perfect place you can then book it with a tap that will take you to the partner service offering that room. For now, this update is for mobile users only, but it will be rolling out to desktop in the next month.