One of the major perks of paying for YouTube has been access  to its original content. Programs like Cobra Kai or Unicorn Island have brought existing YouTube personalities to the fore in new and interesting ways. That may be changing, though, as YouTube is reportedly axing its high-end original programming.

According to unnamed sources, YouTube has stopped accepting pitches for expensive scripted shows and has canceled existing projects like Origin and Overthinking with Kat & June. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise as back in November it was revealed that the service's original programming would be accessible without paying for YouTube Premium by 2020.

Competing with giants in the space like Netflix and Amazon isn't an easy process, and it's also hugely costly. YouTube brought in more than 15 billion dollars in 2018 from ad sales alone. With that much money coming from pet videos and slime tutorials, the company may not feel that risking big investments on uncertain, expensive scripted programming is worth it.

Meanwhile, YouTube claims that it hasn't stopped accepting pitches, and says to watch for a new batch of programming to be announced in the next several weeks. It also reports that a new ad-supported format will be in place by the end of the year.