For photographers with a WiFi-equipped Sony camera, the Play Memories Mobile app was a useful tool that would enable remote shooting and easy image transfers to your smartphone. With the version 7.0/7.1 update, Sony is rebranding it Imaging Edge Mobile and launching an add-on app that allows for FTP background transfers and high-speed voice tagging.

The main app still does exactly what it did before, with a supposed improvement in overall quality as of the version 7.1 update. It offers remote image and video capture with a live view, as well as batch and continuous background transfer of files from your camera to your phone. It also records location information and can notify you when an update for your camera is available.

Transfer & Tagging is an add-on app that enables FTP transfers in the background without affecting continuous camera use. It also allows for hands-free voice input for captioning and tagging, which could save you a great deal of time. Shortcuts and presets can also be set for common words or tags.

Recent play store reviews haven't been too kind for Imaging Edge Mobile, so perhaps there are some bugs that need to be ironed out for some. When they function as intended, both apps could be really useful for serious photographers.

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  • Samarth Verma