LG's update performance as of late has been less than stellar. Despite the formation of a "Software Upgrade Center" several years back, the company is still slow to get new versions of Android out the door. The V40 is still waiting on that Pie update, but it shouldn't be long now. LG has released the Pie-based kernel source for the V40 and LG G8.

The G8, of course, is launching with Android Pie. G8 kernel source is live for the LMG820UM, LMG820UM0, LMG820UM1, and LMG820UMB variants. The V40 has kernel source ready for 15 different hardware versions.

The kernel source won't get you any closer to that V40 OTA—these are just the open source files for developers. They're necessary for building custom ROMs and recoveries, as well as troubleshooting certain issues with apps on LG phones. All the source code downloads are around 200MB in size.