The Arlo Ultra 4k cameras initially launched at Best Buy early this year, but the company seemed to pull back following reports of widespread problems. Today, Arlo Ultra returns to Best Buy, and it launches for the first time at Amazon. It's gotten several firmware updates over the past few weeks that should address the issues that plagued the launch.

The Arlo Ultra is still a fully wireless camera system like past Arlos, but the resolution is 4K, and there's a new hub with smart home capabilities. Early purchasers reported a lot of reliability problems with Arlo Ultra, but it looks like the company has tried to get that all sorted out in a series of updates. Here's the most recent firmware changelog.


  • New firmware to support Ultra relaunch, which includes several stability, connectivity, and feature enhancement updates
  • Updates existing users’ experience and provides new users with the latest out of box Arlo Ultra experience

Performance Improvements

  • Enable 5Ghz
  • Limit 4k local live streams to 2 simultaneous live streams
  • Improve overall quality and stability of 4k live streams
  • Fix for off color hues and tinting that may have shown up in certain use cases
  • Improve responsiveness of HDR
  • New image quality updates which further reinforce color realism and accuracy
  • Optimize motion triggering and uploads of videos to the library
  • Optimize camera spotlight status and switching to color night vision
  • General bug fixes

Usability Enhancements

  • Address overall stability of connectivity
  • Address overall offline issues
  • Several updates to enable client side enhancements and improve overall user experience

Best Buy and Amazon show the Ultra available for immediate shipping—both were either pre-order or "coming soon" before now. Arlo Ultra starts at $399.99 for a single camera system, but the $599.99 2-camera system will probably be the most popular. You can spend up to $1,000 on the 4-camera setup. That's a lot considering the messy launch, but at least Arlo is trying.