Since I bought the Jabra Sport Pulse earbuds, I've been impressed with the brand's ability to design functional products with great sound quality. I liked them so much that when they died a few years later, I upgraded my gear to the Elite Sport buds. I found way better than the AirPods, thanks to their great audio output and how stayed in place. Given my experience with the brand, I can only recommend their products, which is why the Move headphones can be a nice option if you're looking for a wireless headset, especially because their price just dropped to $40.

The Move on-ear Bluetooth headphones are adjustable and light, meaning they will fit easily and won't hurt after wearing them for several hours. They're also covered in dirt-resistant fabric to protect them from potential stains. The built-in battery can last up to eight hours, but you can keep using them with a regular audio cable afterward, which is also convenient if you'd like to watch movies on a plane. Lastly, the headset offers Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and HD calls to optimize audio quality, and buyers have also praised its good sound.

All colors except black have dropped to $40, which is 60% off the initial $100 MSRP. This is the lowest price this product has been, after being marked down to $45 just a few days ago.