The Google Home Max is Google's biggest, loudest speaker. It's really great, but it's also really expensive at $399. If you've been waiting for a discount, today's your day: the Max is $100 off on the Google Store, along with discounts on a handful of other Google goods.

If you're reading this, you probably already know what's good with the Google Home Max, but to recap: it gets almost impractically loud and it sounds great, with clean highs and booming lows. The worst thing about it is the price tag, which makes a sale very appealing.

The discount is part of a broader Google hardware sale, including:

All these prices are good until 11:59 p.m. Pacific on March 30, so you don't have to buy right this second (although at this price, you might want to). Head over to the Google Store to pick one up.

Turns out this isn't a Google-exclusive sale! The Home Max is also $299 at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Crutchfield, B&H, and pretty much everywhere else that carries it, so go ahead and grab it from your retailer of choice.