Sales on the Nvidia Shield TV are relatively rare – as compared to some of our other favorite devices – so this one immediately caught my interest. You can grab the best Android TV box around and get a SmartThings Link for free, basically. You have to buy the Smart Home bundle, obviously.

We've sung the praises of the Shield TV time and time again here on AP. It's one of my favorite pieces of technology in my home and it is, without a doubt, one of the best and longest supported smart devices on the market. If you don't know, the SmartThings Link is a USB dongle that you attach to the Shield TV and it turns the set-top box into a SmartThings hub. It's a pretty neat idea, though it's not without its faults.

In essence, you're buying a Shield TV and getting the Link for free, since the normal Shield+remote costs $179. So far, I've seen this deal good straight from Nvidia and on Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg, though the latter two are asking an a few cents more. It is a Prime-eligible item, too, if that matters to you.