Google has been slowly but surely updating its apps to reflect the new Material Theming conventions, scorching many a retina in the process. The Google Drive app was already predominantly white, so the upcoming Drive revamp won't murder your eyes any worse. It will, however, add features like bottom navigation, an expanded search bar, and a new account switcher.

If you've been using the new Gmail, a lot of this will be familiar, and Google has included an uncharacteristically detailed changelog for the new version. Here's what you can expect.

  • New Home tab and bottom navigation 
    • Similar to Drive on the web, the Home tab will surface the files that are most important to you, based on things like:
      • The last time you accessed or edited a file
      • Who specific files are frequently shared with
      • What files are used at specific times of day.
    • A more intuitive bottom navigation bar that features options to switch between Home, Starred, files shared with you (Shared), and all files (Files), allowing for quicker access to your most important items.
  • Expanded search bar
    • The search bar is now more accessible across the application, including from the Team Drives page.
  • My Drive, Team Drives and Computers in Files view
    • Team Drives will be now be displayed as a tab next to My Drive in the Files view. Users will also see a Computers tab if they have backed up content from a local machine to their account.
  • New account switching experience
    • The feature to switch accounts is moving from the left navigation menu to an icon in the top right.
  • Revised actions menu
    • A revised actions menu attached to every file and folder emphasizes the most frequently used actions at the top. Toggles for starred and offline are now changed to buttons.

Google has started rolling the updated app out to iOS today, and it comes to Android on March 18th. Both rollouts are gradual, taking up to 15 days to reach all devices. As usual, we'll get an APK posted as soon as the update pops up.

The new interface has started slowly rolling out with Drive v2.19.112.03. If you want to check the new Material look and don't have the update yet, you can grab it from APK Mirror.

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