A new Minecraft Bedrock update has landed on Android, and it brings along some cool new features, such as new textures, shields, crossbows, and lanterns. A new beta has also dropped recently, and it includes a few more textures as well as a text to speech function that can now read all dialog boxes and in-game notifications.

The 1.10.0 update comes with a few more things than simply new textures and tools, you can also expect looms, lecterns, a couple of enhancements for the crossbow, and a new pillager mob. For the full list of new features, please read below.

New Features:

  • Shields! Shields! Shields!
    • A long-requested community feature has made its way to Minecraft
    • Shields can be used to block enemy attacks
    • Sneaking activates the shield when equipped in either hand
  • Texture Update
    • Many items, blocks, and more have fresh new textures!
    • More updates to textures and tweaks will be arriving in the upcoming 1.11 update
  • Crossbow weapon with new enchantments
    • Multishot
    • Piercing
    • Quick Charge
  • New Wood blocks and Stripped Wood blocks
    • Known to many players as Bark blocks
    • Existing wood blocks have been renamed to Logs and Stripped Logs
  • Lantern
    • A new light source that can be placed above or below blocks
  • Lectern
    • Place a Book and Quill or Written Book on the lectern, which will allow multiple players to read it together
    • A Book and Quill can be read, but not edited when placed on a lectern
    • Redstone functionality will come in a later update
  • Loom
    • A much easier method to create banners!
    • The Loom only uses one dye to apply a pattern. It can also use Banner Patterns to apply special patterns
    • Banner Patterns can be crafted using Paper and various items
    • Pressing the help button links to the relevant How to Play section for more information
  • Jellie
    • Winner of the community cat contest!
    • A new cat variant that can be found in villages
  • Pillagers
    • A new pillager mob that engages players and villagers with ranged attacks
    • In the 1.10 update, pillagers are only available in Creative Mode
    • Further functionality and spawning in Survival Mode will be released in the 1.11 update
  • New Achievement: Fruit on the Loom
    • Make a banner using a Enchanted Apple Stencil (20G)

Besides the 1.10.0 update, the beta channel has also moved forward, and is now on version This update contains a few more textures, such as stained glass, and the text to speech functionality can now read all dialog boxes and in-game notifications. For the full list of features in the new beta, check the list below.


  • Added even more new textures to blocks and items, including stained glass
  • Text to Speech now reads all dialog boxes and in-game notifications


  • Crashes/Performance
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a 1.10 beta world with Experimental Gameplay disabled
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when villagers died D:

Both the 1.10.0 update and the 1.11.05 beta bring with them some exciting features. The new textures, shields, crossbows, and lanterns are obviously the bigger additions in the 1.10.0 update, and those of you daring enough to check out the beta will have a couple of extra textures to check out as well as a more robust text to speech feature. So if you're a huge Minecraft fan are eager to see what's new, make sure your app is up to date to jump into the new features.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $7.49+