Basically every major US bank and credit union already supports Google Pay, and the contactless payment service already has nearly 2,000 partners stateside. Despite that, the support list continues to grow by at least a handful of banks every few weeks, and sure enough, an additional 17 have joined the list since our last update 12 days ago.

Without further ado, here are the 17 new banks and credit unions:

  • Alpena Community Credit Union
  • American Bank, NA
  • Coleman County State Bank
  • Columbia Credit Union
  • First Area Credit Union
  • Jefferson Credit Union
  • Members Choice West Virginia Federal Credit Union
  • NESC Federal Credit Union
  • NexTier Bank, National Association
  • Northwestern Mutual Credit Union
  • Peoples Bank SB
  • Pine Federal Credit Union
  • Rabobank, NA
  • Sanibel Captiva Community Bank
  • The Citizens National Bank of Bluffton
  • Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union
  • Washington Gas Light Federal Credit Union

We're not sure exactly how many banks and credit unions there are in the US, but there can't be many more than the amount Google Pay already supports, right? In any case, if your local financial institution somehow still isn't on the list, it'll probably be added any day now.

There's an end in sight, right? At some point, every bank that has and will ever exist shall find itself on Google's list of Pay-compatible financial institutions. We're not quite to the 2,000-mark just yet, but Google continues to aggressively expand upon the number of banks that work with Pay. Following an influx of 17 names just last week, we've already got an update with 17 new ones:

  • BlackRidgeBank
  • Community Bank of Louisiana
  • Equishare Credit Union
  • FNB Bank, Inc. (KY)
  • FNB Bank, Inc. (WV)
  • Federation Bank
  • GNB Bank
  • Liberty Bank
  • Memphis City Employees
  • Metro Employees Credit Union
  • Midland States Bank
  • Monroe Telco Federal Credit Union
  • Southwest National Bank
  • St. Pius X Church Federal Credit
  • The Farmers & Merchants Bank
  • The First National Bank of Ballinger
  • Wiremen's Credit Union

Well, strictly not all new, we suppose; FNB was on there as a single entity before, which Google now has split into Kentucky and West Virginia flavors. But any way you slice it, this is becoming one massive list of banks.

It's with some degree of disbelief and childlike wonder that we continue to watch Google add more and more banks to the list of financial institutions supporting its Google Pay transaction system.

For maybe the first 500 banks to arrive we dutifully nodded along, happy to see Google building up such a robust list. By the time it hit 1,000 we were starting to be surprised there were quite so many banks around. When Google passed 1,500 it was clear that this process would never end, and new banks would come into existence seemingly solely to join Google Pay.

And sure enough, it's not ending — not today. Instead, we've got eleven new banks to add to this ever-more-massive list:

  • Bank Star
  • Casey County Bank
  • CNB Bank
  • Community State Bank
  • Greater Springfield Credit Union
  • Phenix-Girard Bank
  • Princeville State Bank
  • Sallie Mae
  • SmartBank
  • United Prairie Bank
  • Zeal Credit Union

Google's back to updating its list of Google Pay banks, and at first glance this one looked like a larger group than usual, numbering up above 60. But as we pored over the changes, it became clear that most of them were simply updated entries for existing banks (mostly spelling out "FCU" to the full "Federal Credit Union"). Eliminating those, we're still left with a decent number of new institutions, with 17 new banks coming online for Google Pay:

  • BluCurrent Credit Union
  • CB&S Bank
  • First National Bank of Carmi
  • First State Bank of Forrest
  • Greater Kentucky Credit Union
  • Gulfside Bank
  • HomeTown Bank
  • InTouch Credit Union
  • Merchants Bank of Bangor
  • NobleBank & Trust
  • North Iowa Community Credit Union
  • Patelco Credit Union
  • Peoples Bank (MO)
  • Prospect Bank
  • Stearns Bank N.A.
  • Troy Bank & Trust
  • United Methodist Financial Credit Union

Google. Buddy. You gotta learn how to pace yourself. It hasn't even been two hours since we brought you that last update of 17 banks that now support Google Pay, and the list has already been updated with a fresh set of 15:

  • Arrha Credit Union
  • Denver Community
  • Eastex Credit Union
  • Heritage Community Credit Union
  • LM Federal Credit Union
  • Metro North Federal Credit Union
  • Mid American Credit Union
  • Montana Health Federal Credit Union
  • Oklahoma Federal Credit Union
  • Oxford Federal Credit Union
  • Pacific NW Federal Credit Union
  • Tucoemas Federal Credit Union
  • White Eagle Credit Union
  • Yolo Federal Credit Union
  • Zia Credit Union

This one's just a tiny, pint-sized update, but we're bringing it to your attention, all the same. One of these Independent Bank entries was in here before, but without a state designation — it now has one, and picks up a buddy.

  • Independent Bank (TN)
  • Independent Bank (TX)
  • Union Bank & Trust (VA)