Twitter is a platform where you can quickly share your thoughts in neat, 140 280 letters long snippets. No other social network is as fast-moving and up-to-date. Another differentiating factor is that you can't comment on Tweets like you can on Facebook posts — instead, you need to reply with a tweet of your own to take part in a conversation, making discussions messy and hard to follow. Twitter knows that. Besides working on a complete redesign of replies over on iOS, the company is testing a tweak to its Android app by adding a new icon for us to click: "Subscribe to conversation."

It does exactly what you think: You'll be notified of new replies in a discussion. When renowned software tinkerer and discoverer of new features Jane Manchun Wong tweeted those findings to the world, Twitter was quick to jump in, stating that it's indeed committed to this feature:

Overall, this is a change to the better. Many people find themselves liking or replying to a tweet just to stay on top of the conversation before they have anything substantial to add, often further cluttering an already cluttered discussion. Of course, if your ego requires you to show everyone you're following a Twitter thread, you'll still be able to chime in on anything you want.

It will most certainly take a while until this goes live for everyone. Jane tinkers with apps to trigger features long before they're intended to be seen by the public.