We were all a bit skeptical when Samsung started talking about the "Infinity-O" display tech last year. As expected, the Galaxy S10 family sports a hole in the display for the front-facing cameras. At first, Samsung sought to downplay the holes, but now it's getting with the trend of wallpapers that work with the cutout.

As soon as the GS10 shipped, the community started churning out neat wallpapers that incorporate the cutout. That's in stark contrast to Samsung's stock wallpapers, which try to hide the cameras with shadows and dark patches.

Over on The Samsung Mobile US Twitter account, the company has posted a handful of custom wallpapers that glorify the cutout. There are three for the Galaxy S10 and two for the S10+. The submarine wallpaper for the S10+ is pretty great, but the others are just alright. The community wallpapers are a bit better and more varied, but props to Samsung for getting with the program.

There's also a section on the Samsung themes store with Galaxy S10 and S10+ cutouts. However, these cost money and are generally not worth it when there are so many community creations around.