Valve announced some big news for Steam users today, introducing the new Steam Link Anywhere service. Building off of its namesake, Anywhere takes streaming your personal library to the next level by allowing you to play on a client device outside of your local network (which was one of the weakest points of Steam Link when it launched for Android). To coincide with the announcement of the Anywhere beta, Valve has updated the Steam Link Android app to support it.

There are a few requirements, the first being that you must be on Steam build 688, aka anything after March 13, which means you need to be on the beta version. That's pretty easy to do, just open up Steam and head to Settings -> Account and look for "Beta Participation" about halfway down the window. Click "Change.." and select "Steam Beta Update" from the drop down menu. Steam on Linux was still on a February build, but Windows updated pretty quickly. I did have to install a new audio driver, but Steam handled that for me.

Added support for Steam Link Anywhere, now in early beta.

To use Steam Link Anywhere:

  1. Update your Steam Client to the beta build, dated March 13 or newer
  2. Go to the Steam Link computer settings and select "Other Computer"
  3. Follow the pairing instructions on screen

This service is in early beta, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the service.

Steam Link Anywhere is still in beta, as Valve notes, and requires both a good upload connection for the host PC and decent download speeds for the client device. It's what I've been waiting for from Valve for some time, even though it's limited to Android, Raspberry Pi, and the actual Steam Link box (RIP) for now. Hopefully, we'll see support for other PCs added soon because the Nvidia MX150 in my laptop can't handle most of my library.

As far as the Android app goes, the update was waiting for me in the Play Store when I checked, but you can grab the latest file from APK Mirror.

Steam Link (BETA)
Steam Link (BETA)
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