Announced along with the Pixel 3, Call Screen lets you screen phone calls before you answer them, using Google's Assistant AI to ask who the caller is and what they want. It's excellent for avoiding those pesky spam callers and interruptions from unknown numbers. Call Screen has been available on all generations of Pixels in the US for a couple of months, recently added volume controls to hear the caller and saved transcripts, and now the feature is launching in beta in Canada.

If you live across the US' northern border and have a Pixel 2 or Pixel 3, you may have received an email this morning telling you that you can join the Call Screen beta now. If you didn't get the email fret not — you should still be able to get in by joining the official Play Store beta of the Phone app. You need to have a Pixel device though, and Call Screen only works in English for now, so keep those limitations in mind.

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