Insta360 just launched the EVO, a foldable all-in-one 180°, 360°, and 3D camera. Meant for capturing all of life's wacky moments (where normal cameras are simply inadequate), EVO is compatible with both Android and iOS and can be yours for $419.99.

It's also accompanied by two new Insta360 technologies for viewing your content: Insta360VR and Insta360 HoloFrame. The former can be paired with an Oculus Go, Vive Focus, or Gear VR for an immersive viewing experience of whatever you happened to capture. HoloFrame, meanwhile, is a cover for your phone's display that lets you see and watch 3D photos and videos without the need for additional hardware or apparatuses.

The design itself is pretty neat, making the EVO portable and simultaneously versatile. Video is captured in 5.7K and photos in 18MP. It also comes with time-lapse and hyper-lapse options, as well as FlowState Stabilization to reduce shaking in your content (and therefore reducing any nauseating effects, especially with 3D).

You can buy the EVO directly from Insta360, B&H, and other retailers depending on where you are. $420 is a lot, but the EVO sounds pretty impressive on paper.