Even two years after its release, Google Wifi is still one of the easiest ways to get a mesh network system in your home. While there are now plenty of other options now, like Linksys Velop and AmpliFi Mesh Point, Google Wifi is still a solid product. Now you can get the three-pack for just $219.99 on Rakuten — $40 below the current Google Store price.

If you're not familiar with it, Google Wifi creates a mesh Wi-Fi network in your home. Once you plug one node into your modem (or your router acting in Bridge Mode), and the other two farther away, your devices will switch to whichever unit is closest.

There's no dedicated backhaul channel, so maximum speeds on the secondary nodes will be slower, but you won't find a mesh Wi-Fi system at this price with that feature. The system can be fully set up and configured with just a smartphone app. You can read our full review here.

The discounted three-pack is available at the link below. A free Rakuten account is required, and you need to enter code HOME20 at checkout to get the discount.