Taxes are one of life's indelible elements, that and death. But the internet brought with it a means by which most of us online consumers could skirt states sales tax and B&H has long been a favorite online retailer because, other than New York and New Jersey, it didn't charge sales tax.

We saw the end of that era begin in December with the company collecting taxes from 22 states (including NY and NJ), but now California will no longer be exempt starting April 1.

Accompanying the news, B&H said:

"As you may know, based on a June 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, California is now requiring out of state sellers to collect sales tax. As a result, B&H will begin to collect sales tax on shipments to California on April 1st. All reputable retailers are complying with the new laws and collecting sales tax."

This comes as no surprise, but even so, Artem is devastated. If you've been eyeing anything on B&H, you have two and a half more weeks to buy it before you'll need to fork over extra for taxes.

Photo credit: Photography Life