Music streaming is a popular use for smart speakers, but the particular speaker you have dictates which services you have access to. Amazon's speakers are getting better in that regard in the near future, as the company has announced that Apple Music will be available on Echo devices later this year.

Availability of Apple Music is a fairly big deal, as it was previously only streaming on Apple's pricey HomePod speakers. The partnership could be lucrative for both parties, potentially driving both Apple Music subscriptions and Amazon Echo sales during holiday shopping.

Amazon didn't give an exact date for Apple Music availability, saying only that it was coming "this holiday season" — and unless you consider New Year's Day part of the season, that only leaves December. There's no word on when or if Apple Music will be available on Google Home.

Apple Music compatibility is rolling out now, according to the Alexa app's Play Store listing:


Apple Music coming week of December 17th:
* Apple Music subscribers can play Apple Music on their supported Alexa devices
* Easily link your Apple Music account by going to Settings > Music

Apple Music is now also available on Fire TV devices. If you've already connected the streaming service in your Alexa app, you don't need to do anything else. Just pick up your Fire TV remote, ask Alexa to play music, and it will use Apple Music as the source. If not, you need to link your account in the Alexa app.