Recent versions of Android have made it easier to silence noisy apps by muting their notifications. However, what if you want to bring some notifications back? You need to remember which apps you've silenced. Android Q makes that easier by putting all apps with disabled notifications in one settings menu.

This isn't a new menu but rather a new filtering option in a menu added in Pie. Head into Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Notifications -> Recently sent -> See all from last 7 days. Here, tap the drop-down menu and change it to "Turned off." In Pie, that menu only filters by "Most recent" and "Most frequent." Pie was supposed to get this feature, but it never happened. See below for the Pie version of this menu.

The list of apps with disabled notifications lets you quickly turn notifications back on and jump into the full notification settings. It's also important to know the apps in this list are only those with all notifications disabled. Turning off a channel here and there won't make apps show up in the "Turned off" list.