There are tons of small improvements in Android Q, and one you may find very handy is the ability to quickly switch your audio output when playing music. A new button in Now Playing notifications shows up and lets you pick whether you want audio to play through your phone's speaker or a connected Bluetooth device.

Left: Media output switch in Android Pie. Middle & Right: Easier to access in Android Q.

The option was already there in Android Pie, but you had to go to Sound settings and look for the setting to Play media to. It wasn't easily accessible or discoverable for users, so this quicker way is quite welcome.

Just like the flags that were behind it, the media icon in the notification to switch output appears to be gone in Android Q Beta 3. You can switch media output from the Sound settings, like in Android Pie, but the quick access icon isn't there in the notification.

  • Thanks:
  • Jordi Gordillo,
  • Zachary Kew-Denniss