The era of 5G is upon us, whether you like it or not. Verizon's millimeter wave 5G NR network is launching in Minneapolis and Chicago on April 11. What about 5G devices? Well, the long-awaited 5G Moto Mod goes up for pre-order tomorrow (March 14).

You might be thinking that Verizon already launched its 5G service, but that was the home broadband initiative, and that wasn't "real" 5G. Those in-home modems are a 5G TF deployment, which is not the network technology we'll all use for 5G going forward (5G NR). The Minneapolis and Chicago deployments are the first of (apparently) 30 cities to get Verizon 5G this year.

Verizon will have the Galaxy S10 5G this summer, but the launch device for 5G isn't a phone—it's a Moto Mod. The 5G Mod announced in 2018 is finally launching tomorrow, and you'll be able to buy one for $50 if you act fast. After pre-orders, the Mod goes up to the full retail price of $350. Adding 5G data to your plan costs $10 per month, but the first three months are free. You can only buy the 5G Mod if you have a Moto Z3 on your account or you purchase one at the same time. That's the only phone compatible with the 5G Mod.