Although a connected home ecosystem will surely make your life easier, setting it up tends to be costly, as you usually have to buy smart speakers, bulbs, and plugs. You can often save a few bucks when buying a starter kit, which includes a combination of smart devices at a discount. Amazon regularly throws in a connected device with its smart speakers and sells them at a markdown, which is what it's doing now with this deal that lets you save $37 when buying a second-generation Echo speaker together with a TP-Link Smart Plug Mini.

It's interesting Amazon isn't bundling the Echo with its own smart plug, but a third-party one instead. It's not necessarily a bad thing, though, as the TP-Link Smart Plug Mini is highly praised, and even works with other systems, such as Google Assistant, Cortana, Nest, and IFTTT. As its name might suggest, it's also compact and will leave the second outlet free when plugged into the wall, which lets you use it as a regular socket or stack two smart plugs on top of each other. Unfortunately, unlike many other smart sockets on the market, this one can only handle up to 10A, which is suitable for small electronics, but probably not enough for larger appliances such as electric heaters.