For over a year, Google's Disability Support team has answered questions about assistive features in Google products for users with disabilities. While previously you could only contact the support team through email, now Google's introducing a Specialized Help section in the Be My Eyes app, as well as phone support available 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

Be My Eyes is an app available for both Android and iOS that pairs sighted people with those who are blind or low-vision. Through a live video connection, volunteers help with tasks like spotting expiration dates, reading labels, and navigating new surroundings. Today the app picks up a new Specialized Help section through which users can request additional support.

Google's Disability Support functionality is displayed on a phone screen

Separately, Google's Disability Support team is now picking up the phones to offer live assistance. The Disability Support team is made up of advocates for inclusion who work specifically to improve and shape Google products from user feedback. Disability Support specialists will be available Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm PT. However, for the time being, the only supported language will be English.