Back in August, Google added bilingual support to Assistant, giving users the ability to address it in two different languages without fiddling with settings. As I live in Paris, I'm a big fan of this feature: I mostly speak to my Assistant in English, but I find it much easier to use French when mentioning an address for example. Also, when I have guests over, they can easily interact with my smart speaker in their native tongue, rather than having to speak in English. Initially, Google introduced support for six languages and gradually added many more. The company is now expanding this list to incorporate new ones, including regional dialects.

Indeed, new entires are now available in the Assistant's language settings such as Russian, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, but also regional variants like Swiss French, Italian, and German, Austrian German, and more. Interestingly, the app says some of them "won't work on some of your devices," without mentioning which ones. It's probably a matter of time before the company fully supports these, but I find it hard to understand why Swiss German isn't supported on all of my devices, while Austrian German is.

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  • Dmitry Volodin