Android already sends out notifications for estimated remaining battery life when your charge reaches a certain threshold, but Google is incorporating these estimates even further in Android Q. If you have the battery percentage in your status bar toggled on, you'll now see how long your phone thinks your battery will last in the quick settings shade.

For those who have the percentage for their battery in the status bar turned on, this isn't a big deal; you don't really need to see the battery percentage in your quick settings again. We believe that it'll show up at all times, not just when your battery is below a certain level. However, if you don't have the status bar percentage enabled, Android Q still won't show you your battery percentage above your quick settings, which is annoying to say the least.

Of course, given that this is only the first Q Beta, this could be a bug and not a new attribute of Q. Here's hoping that Google adds the percentage back above the quick settings for those of us who don't have the status bar percentage turned on.