Spotify is one of the best streaming services for music and podcasts, and Hulu is an excellent app for streaming television and original programming (especially if you snagged that Black Friday deal). For about a year now the two services have been working together to deliver a bundle that gets you all that content at a reduced price. Today that offer becomes an even better value, with Spotify Premium throwing in Hulu for free.

Before this whole bundle got started, you could snag a Spotify Premium membership for $9.99/month and a Hulu limited-commercial plan for $7.99/month (dropped to $5.99 in January) if you purchased them separately. The Spotify Premium bundle that appeared last year gave you both services for a combined $12.99/month, which translated to some slight savings. Now the new bundle reduces pricing back to Premium's original $9.99/month, and effectively makes Hulu free.

You can try out the new Premium bundle for 30 days without being charged, and after that, the regular pricing will kick in. It's also worth noting that the Hulu tier you'll get access to includes some commercials, and unfortunately, at this time you can't upgrade that to a no-ad plan with this Spotify deal.

Sadly, this offer is also only available for new Spotify Premium users, so if you already have a subscription you're out of luck. Likewise, this bundle is specifically for Spotify individual memberships and doesn't stack with a family subscription. If you were already using the Spotify Premium and Hulu bundle at $12.99/month, the new price will roll over at the end of this billing period. This is a limited time promotion which will only be available if you sign up by June 10, 2019, or until supplies run out.

As many of you in the comments are pointing out, Spotify does not appear to be enforcing its current-subscribers-ineligible rule, and existing Spotify Premium users have been able to snag this Hulu add-on. Whether this is a temporary oversight or not, we can't yet say, but enjoy it while you can.