Rumors have circulated for months about Google's ambitions for gaming — specifically, cloud gaming. The company briefly ran Project Stream last year, which allowed users to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey through Chrome. Google is reportedly working on a subscription-based gaming service, and might buy game studios to make it more attractive. The company might now have someone to spearhead its gaming effort — Jade Raymond.

Raymond has worked at several major game studios over the past 20 years. Most notably, she worked as a Vice President at Ubisoft's Toronto studio. Raymond also served as General Manager for Electronic Arts' Motive Studios, Popcap Studios, and the company's portfolio of Star Wars titles. She didn't mention on Twitter what she would be Vice President of at Google, but it's probably safe to assume it's something games-related.

Google is set to announce something at GDC 2019, a games conference that begins March 18th. We probably won't have to wait much longer to see whatever the company has been working on.

Image credit: MCV