About a year ago, Spotify started testing a new full-screen album art layout for specific songs and playlists and more recently enhanced this feature to display repeating video snippets called "canvases" for certain tracks. Although the company claims these are designed to limit battery and data usage, they create an inconsistent experience when they're amongst other songs that don't have these animated images, especially because I'd rather see the actual album cover instead of an animation uploaded by the artist. However, it appears the streaming giant wants to let users choose if they want to disable these and show the regular CD cover instead.


Indeed, a new toggle in the application's latest alpha and beta versions (APK Mirror) lets you disable Canvases and revert to traditional album covers. It's unclear whether this switch is only being tested or if it will be deployed to all users, but it would make sense for it to be available in the new stable release as well.

The feature is now live in the stable release available on the Play Store.