Samsung introduced its revamped One UI interface in November. The company claims the new design is more intuitive and requires less finger movement on large screens. In addition, it brings a dark mode for stock apps and system elements, which looks sleek and saves battery on OLED displays.

Since then, almost all Samsung-branded software has been updated to reflect the new theme, but the Galaxy Wearable app seemed to have been left aside, despite the release of a new version mid-February (APK Mirror). The company appears to be fixing this with the rollout of an update that gives it One UI's new looks.


The changes look like they’ve been gradually rolling out to the masses through a server-side switch for the last couple of weeks and don’t require a new download. Unfortunately, you can't manually force the update on your device, but simply opening the app should apply the interface changes. Also, some users have reported the new version has reset their watch, so we recommend backing it up before trying anything out.

Although the Galaxy Wearable application is now consistent with the manufacturer's software, it only ships with a dark mode, and there is no option to change it to a brighter scheme. Let's hope Samsung will give us the opportunity to use the white theme as well in the future for more consistency.

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