Returner Zhero - Final Cut is the sequel to Fantastic, yes's first foray into the puzzle adventure genre Returner 77. It comes to the Play Store six months after the iOS release and offers a stand-alone story where the player takes on the role of a scientist who spent the last five years of their life frozen on an alien spacecraft. By solving ever-increasingly challenging puzzles, you may just find a way off the ship and back to Earth.

Returner Zhero - Final Cut clearly offers a slick presentation, but it's the puzzle-based gameplay that really allows the game to shine. Much like an escape the room game the player is tasked with solving logical tactile puzzles in a first-person view (similar in style to the puzzles in The Room series) in order activate the alien technology on the spaceship so that the secrets of the past will reveal the possibilities of the future, and maybe a way off the ship and back to Earth.

At any point, you can take advantage of an AI guide that's there to ensure players won't get stuck too long on any of the game's puzzles. Plus there are a bunch of live-action videos that you'll unlock throughout the game that will reveal the backstory of how the main character found themselves on an alien spaceship.

Returner Zhero - Final Cut is available on the Play Store for $4.99, and there are no in-app purchases or advertisements included. This is a premium release, just like the first entry in the series.

If you're looking for a puzzle game to curb your The Room addiction, Returner Zhero - Final Cut serves as a fantastic option in the puzzle adventure genre. It contains an interesting sci-fi theme, and there's no arguing that the graphics are indeed superb. Of course, the meat of the gameplay revolves around the quality of the puzzles, and luckily there's nothing to complain about here if you enjoy brain teasers. So if you're the sort that's always on the lookout for premium mobile games, you can't go wrong with Returner Zhero - Final Cut.

Returner Zhero - Final Cut
Returner Zhero - Final Cut
Developer: Fantastic, yes
Price: $4.99

Press Release

Returner Zhero – Final Cut

There is One Last Chance to Save Everything

Returner Zhero is a standalone story set within the universe we first welcomed players into with Returner 77. The stories are connected but each experience is unique and wonderful in its own right.

Returner Zhero is a space mystery puzzle game. Explore a story of friendship and sacrifice as you take on the role of the scientist who risked everything to learn more about the aliens that brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Lose yourself in a captivating, tactile 3D world that will take you on a cinematic journey set aboard a fantastic alien spaceship. Challenge your brain with intriguing puzzles and alien technology as you discover the epic story of Returner Zhero.

Gameplay: Single player, exploration-based with hidden objects and tactile puzzles. Tap, swipe, and scan to find your way through the ship and activate the forgotten alien technology. The environment and soundscapes of the game are meant to immerse you in a wildly imagined crystal world.