Google's recently discontinued the brilliantly straightforward Chromecast Audio in a move to encourage people to buy full-featured smart speakers rather than letting them stream music cordlessly with the help of a dongle. Unfortunately for many, this was one of the few ways to connect "dumb" audio equipment to Wi-Fi networks, and with Google sunsetting its product, people have been left with a limited number of alternatives — excluding Bluetooth, of course. This was until Amazon unveiled the Echo Input, which essentially lets you use any speaker with Alexa.

Besides letting you stream music wirelessly, the Echo Input features four microphones and therefore turns any speaker into an Alexa-enabled assistant. It's essentially an Echo Dot without a built-in speaker, which instead connects to your existing one using a 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth. The device usually sells for $35, but it's currently $15 off and therefore a relatively affordable option if you're thinking of upgrading your older equipment.

The Echo Input comes in white and black and looks relatively discreet. This is good news, since you may have to put it out in the open for it to hear you.