How often do you check your notifications? According to ActionDash, I receive about 500 notifications a day, unlocking my phone about 100 times, with half of these unlocks being for sessions shorter than a minute. These interruptions break my flow and reduce productivity levels, but my FOMO makes me check the phone anyway. There's a new app being tested to help deal with this: Daywise.

Incubated at Duke University's Behavioral Economics lab, the app creates its own notifications inbox, where messages are batched together to be viewed during a pre-scheduled "notifications break." To ensure you don't miss something important, you can categorize certain app notifications as instant and others as batched — you can also assign VIP contacts whose notifications are never screened, and pause batching itself for a few hours.

Like Google's Digital Wellbeing, Daywise is also able to monitor your phone habits and chastise you for excessive use. If the app notices you checking a certain app too often, it will suggest you snooze notifications for it, and we saw signs of an app timer feature being worked on too. The app is free to download, though we noticed the privacy policy mentioning that customers in the EU aren't supposed to be using it — likely because of the GDPR. The rest of you can download it from the Play Store or APKMirror.