Based on what we can see in our comments section, quite a lot of our readers have decided to pick up a Galaxy S10 — especially after the praise David heaped on it in our review. The numbers seem to have swayed since our general "are you getting an S10" poll two weeks ago, so let's refine that question a bit. If you bought an S10, which version did you go for?

Our buyer's guide, which examined each of the three basic models you can pick up today, had two major takeaways: The S10e is the best value, and the S10+ is the overall best. That added chonk for the latter delivers a much bigger, longer-lasting battery and an extra camera, while the S10e cuts surprisingly few corners to hit its diminished cost.

The new ultrasonic, in-display fingerprint sensor in the S10 and S10+ isn't our favorite, and Samsung could have stepped things up a bit when it comes to the cameras and industrial design, but the suite of S10 phones easily tops our list of recommendations right now.

If you decided to pick one up, which size/model did you go for?

Which Galaxy S10 model did you get?

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