The standardization of charging ports to USB-C has been a net positive, but it does mean that you might have a charger on hand that fits a given item but doesn't provide quite enough juice. Anker's 30-watt USB-C wall charger can help with that. It can top up anything with the right port, from phones to laptops, and it's currently a steal at $18.

Apple sells a similar charger for use with its MacBooks for more than twice as much. Even Google's first-party 18-watt charger is more expensive (although that charger does come with a USB cable — this one doesn't). This puppy pumps enough power to top up just about anything you might have around, except maybe a laptop under a heavy workload.

Normally $25.99, the charger is currently marked down to $17.99. With the exception of a few Lightning Deals, that's the cheapest it's been on Amazon in more than a year. Hit the link below to pick yours up.