Google, Amazon, and Facebook are some of the biggest tech companies on the planet, well know by just about anyone who uses the internet. While their gargantuan status has taken years to grow, Elizabeth Warren thinks they've gotten too big. In a release on her Medium page, she outlines her plan to trust bust these tech giants, for the good of emerging companies and the public at large.

Senator Warren is already known for her advocacy work and previous legislation with antitrust laws; this announcement shouldn't surprise much of anyone who is familiar with her work in Congress. She draws similarities to the trust-busting of Microsoft in the late 1990s with her emphasis on busting up the tech companies that have become so large they are inescapable in modern life. Warren won't be the first one either since Google has been dealing with government antitrust efforts for years now.

Her emphasis is on ensuring that every company is working from an even playing field, whether they're brand new, or established. To do this she wants to make wide sweeping structural changes to promote competition, which would mean breaking up the giants of the tech sector.

Warren's proposals include breaking up the mergers that have given rise to a lack of competition, making it easier for smaller businesses to stay in the green without being pushed out by monopolies, and putting pressure on these companies to protect user privacy and information.