Every Google+ community is looking for a new home, and that's the case for the Android Beta group, which was previously hosted on Google+ with over 163000 members. The moderators are now packing up their things, taking the paintings off the walls, labelling all boxes, renting a big truck, and inviting all their friends to help them move to Reddit with the lure of free pizza*. (*free pizza is fictional.)

The community's new home will be r/android_beta. In an official announcement, the Android Beta team says they'll keep a close eye on the subreddit for feedback and will use it for announcements and updates. There's nothing there just yet, but when the Android Q beta hits, we're sure things will get much busier. For now, just make sure you subscribe and keep in mind that you have a second address where you can send all your Q beta complaints — the first is obviously our tips inbox.

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