Google is always adding new languages to Gboard — its first-party software keyboard for Android — and today the app has picked up 60 new ones by Google's count, including Coptic, Mandar, Bangka Malay, and Tai Dam.

I would like to note that although Google says there are 60 new languages in its latest update, by our count we can only find 59:

  • Abron
  • Afar
  • Akoose
  • Avar
  • Azerbaijani (Russia)
  • Balinese, Balinese
  • Balinese, Latin
  • Banggai
  • Bangka Malay
  • Basaa
  • Batak Mandailing
  • Berom
  • Bosnian (Cyrillic)
  • Cebaara Senoufo
  • Cherokee (Dual-Case)
  • Coptic*
  • Crimean Tatar
  • Dan
  • Dangme
  • Eastern Cham (Latin)
  • Efik
  • Ewondo
  • Fon
  • Georgian, Georgian
  • Georgian, Khutsuri
  • Gilbertese
  • Hakha Chin
  • Javanese (Aksara Jawa)
  • Kalam Kohistani
  • Kok Borok (Bengali)
  • Kok Borok (Latin)
  • Komering
  • Komi-Zyrian
  • Koronadal Blaan
  • Kutai Malay
  • Laki
  • Ledo Kaili
  • Lendu
  • Livonian
  • Luba-Kasai
  • Mandar
  • Manggarai
  • Mende
  • Ngbaka Gbaya
  • Nias
  • Niuean
  • Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy
  • Northern Min
  • Northern Ndebele
  • Nupe
  • Pahari-Pothwari
  • Papuan Malay
  • Sakalava Malagasy
  • Saraiki (Urdu Arabic)
  • Sesotho (Lesotho)
  • Shina (Pakistan)
  • Swazi (South Africa)
  • Tai Dam (Latin)
  • Tati
  • Temne
  • Tokelauan
  • Youjiang Zhuang

Note that before Google did not distinguish between types of Balinese or Georgian, so we aren't sure which on the list above is new. The spelling of "Talysh (Azerbaijan)" was also tweaked. Either way, though, our count is 59. The numerical mystery has been resolved, Google forgot to include Akoose in its lists.

We've reached out to Google to see what might be responsible for the difference in our measurement vs. theirs, and we'll update if we hear back.

The new version with all its new languages is rolling out now over on the Play Store, but you can also download it over at APK Mirror if you'd prefer.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google tells us that Akoose was also added, though it forgot to update documentation to include it. We've updated the post and made a note of the new language.