Following recent confidentiality scandals, the social media giant just announced plans for a new "privacy-focused platform." In parallel, it also appears to be working on a new all-white user interface for Android. Although the two don't seem to be related, it's quite intriguing the company is designing a colorless app amid privacy-related concerns.


The new interface is consistent with the recent Messenger revamp, in a sense that it looks much whiter than before, without being as radical. Indeed, it only changes the blue header to a white one and displays the active tab in grey. Based on the screenshots we've seen, it also seems to add extra room for a shortcut in the header, which should remain customizable based on what's relevant to you.

The update isn't available as a standalone download and appears to be a server-side experiment, which you can't manually activate. We'll keep you posted, should this theme roll out to a broader audience.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

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