Amazon likes to pseudo-randomly drop prices for its Kindle e-readers, with the usual discount being around $30 off. Today that discount is back, you can grab either a Paperwhite or the basic Kindle (each with special offers) for $100 and $50, respectively.

Amazon's Kindles are some of the best E ink e-readers around, though they do sort of lock you into Amazon's ecosystem and store. If that's a compromise you're willing to make, either of these new models are a decent deal at this not-unusual $30 discount.

If you know you're going to destroy it over the next year or two, the cheaper $50 4GB Kindle can satisfy at its long-term disposable price point. The more expensive $100 8GB Kindle Paperwhite steps things up with a backlight, waterproofing, and nearly double the resolution. There's also a Paperwhite bundle with a snazzy leather cover and charger which is $60 off at only $160, a more sizable and less frequently discounted deal.

Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that all of these Kindles come with lockscreen ads, and you'll have to pop an extra $20 to disable those. Plenty of people aren't bothered by them, though, since you only see them when you aren't using it.