Twitter has become the de-facto mouthpiece of everyone from the head-of-state to the neighborhood headcase, and the level of discourse often falls to that of a middle school playground. Unlike your 'permanent record' though, tweets can have real-life consequences — whether it be getting arrested, becoming universally hated, or harm falling your way by someone leaked your private information online (also called doxing). Twitter's spam reporting mechanism is often overwhelmed, leading to long lead times in removing sensitive data, so today the company added a step which it hopes will help prioritize such cases.

Earlier, Twitter introduced a way to specify whether the tweet you were reporting was just spam or something more worrisome. Now, if you report a tweet for sharing personal information, you can even specify the type(s) of privacy violations — presumably to give these the highest priority in reaching a moderator's eyes.

The change has gone live on Android, iOS, and Twitter web. It's not 'editable tweets', but is still a welcome move. This may be anecdotal, but a quick search showed me a tweet doxing a popular journalist, which I reported. By the time I reached the end of this post, there was already a notification from Twitter confirming the removal of the tweet — a period of about half an hour. Let's hope this becomes the norm.

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