Samsung has begun shipping its Galaxy S10 family of devices in several countries around the world, which means that many users are now getting to unwrap their shiny new phone, set it up, and gawk at its gorgeous Super AMOLED display... save for that little hole-punch (or two) in the top right corner. But fans can be tenacious and enterprising; you give them an ugly eyesore and they transform it into pure art. Case in point: someone started making a few hole-punch embracing wallpapers that strategically place objects with dark circles right where the cutout is supposed to be. And now there's an entire subreddit dedicated to that.

Head over to r/S10wallpapers and you'll find a collection of inventive images that obfuscate the single or double hole-punch. Anything from Minions to Wall-E, Smash Bros, Big Hero, Terminator, an iPhone, and more can be found, with users contributing dark versions too in case a wallpaper is too light. The community is only about two days old now, so expect to see a lot more where those came from once more enthusiastic/creative users get their hands on the phones.

Samsung couldn't have asked for a better fan response to the S10's Infinity O display. Not only are people not complaining about it all that much, they've started a whole trend of wallpapers to make the most of it.