Setting up a new device can sometimes be time consuming, as you need to unwrap it, plug it in, and go through the installation process before you can finally use it. To smoothen these steps, Amazon has created its "Frustration-Free Setup" program with "Wi-Fi simple setup", so you won't have to spend time authenticating when launching a new Alexa-enabled device for the first time.

The concept is simple: When purchasing a new compatible Echo or Fire from Amazon, the retailer automatically links it to your account. If your password was previously saved on the cloud, for example when setting up an Echo speaker, your new product won't ask for your Wi-Fi password and will instead connect to your router automatically. As you might have guessed, Wi-Fi single setup requires you to have already saved your credentials using another device, and will therefore only work when installing a new one. In case you bought your new device from a third-party retailer, the feature would still work, but you'd need to link it to your Amazon account using the Alexa app first. Lastly, the functionality requires both the new and existing devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network during installation.

"Wi-Fi simple setup" is not new, as it was already available on the company's smart plug, microwave, and second-generation Echos, and is now expanding to the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with older products, such as first-generation Echos, Echo Dots, Fire TVs, and Fire TV Sticks. Finally, should you prefer to keep your password private, you can chose to opt-out at any time.