While we all wait for iFixit's eventual step-by-step, authoritative teardown of the Galaxy S10, JerryRigEverything has taken the matter into his own hands to show us the details, including that ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. We also get a glance at plenty of other hidden tech, waterproofing, and the inside of a heat pipe, though he ultimately has to wreck the phone for our collective education — a small price to pay for understanding.

Among the more noteworthy details is a Type-C port that is soldered onto the motherboard (good luck replacing it), plus a fleeting glimpse at the location of the in-display light and proximity sensors. He also jiggles some OIS, plays with the aperture mechanism on the primary camera, and shreds the S10's chunky heat pipe for a closer look, evaporating the liquid inside.

Because the fingerprint sensor can't be accessed without destroying the screen, and because his teardowns usually aim for rebuilding the device once he's had a look inside, JerryRigEverything resorts to a perfectly fair coin flip before making the ultimate decision to delve deeper. I'll leave the rest of the roughly ten-minute long video to you.