Google isn't showing any signs of slowing down with its AR emoji venture, now called Playground or Playmoji. Just last month, the new Childish Gambino set dropped and a couple of days ago Cody discovered signs of the app working on AR shopping, animals, answers, and something related to International Women's Day. Now a new set has surfaced, this time for Japanese phrases.

Although I can read just a little bit of Hiragana and know a few words of Japanese, I don't recognize anything beside the exclamation and question marks. The six other emojis are not familiar to me. I can recognize a few letters, but most phrases are using Kanji or Katakana, which I can't read.

If you speak Japanese or you just want something to stun your friends with, you can grab this new pack for free from the Play Store or from APK Mirror. It doesn't show up in the Playground app until you install it.